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一般條款 General Terms
1.1 「CINE FAN ONLINE」意指電影節發燒友網上放映平台,門票於2023年5月5日起於CINE FAN ONLINE公開發售。
CINE FAN ONLINE is the online screening platform of Cine Fan, tickets available from 5 May 2023 onwards at CINE FAN ONLINE.

1.2 「CINE FAN ONLINE內容」意指於 Cine Fan ONLINE上所有電影、錄像、影像、錄音及其他內容。
The term “CINE FAN Content” refers to all films, videos, images, audio and written materials available on CINE FAN ONLINE during the Festival Period.

1.3 這些條款構成您與香港國際電影節協會之間具有法律約束力的協議。使用CINE FAN ONLINE,包括建立帳戶、購買網上電影門票,以及觀看任何CINE FAN ONLINE內容,即表示您接受並同意遵守以下條款。
These terms represent a legally binding agreement between you and The Hong Kong International Film Festival Society Limited (The HKIFFS). By accessing CINE FAN ONLINE, creating an account, purchasing tickets, and viewing any CINE FAN ONLINE Content, you implicitly accept these terms and agree to abide by them.

門票購買及付款方法 Ticket Purchasing and Payment Methods
2.1 網上電影門票由2023年5月5日早上10時起於CINE FAN ONLINE發售。 每次交易門票數量不設限。
For CINE FAN ONLINE, single tickets are available for purchase from 10 am on 5 May 2023. There is no limits for the number of single ticket purchases.

2.2 購買電影門票前,必先建立帳戶。已擁有帳戶人士可以使用舊有帳戶,毋須重新申請。
You must create an account before purchasing any tickets or use an existing account.

2.3 網上購買電影門票只接受信用卡(美國運通、萬事達、VISA)付款。
We only accept payments by credit card (American Express, MasterCard or VISA) for any CINE FAN ONLINE ticket purchases.

2.4 您的信用卡發行商可能會對交易收取手續費。請聯絡您的信用卡發行商,以了解可能收取的費用。本會對該等費用概不負責,亦不設退款。
Your credit card issuer may charge a transaction fee on top of your purchases. Please contact your credit card issuer to learn more about what fees may apply, if any. The society has no responsibility for any non-refundable fees.

退款安排 Refund Policy
3. CINE FAN ONLINE的電影門票只會在本會控制範圍以外的情況下取消放映時提供退款。本會將直接把票價退還到您的信用卡帳戶中,惟信用卡發行商的手續費將不獲退還。除此情況外,Cine Fan ONLINE的門票不可退款不可兌換
CINE FAN ONLINE single tickets are refundable ONLY if a screening is cancelled due to circumstances beyond our reasonable control. In such an event, the payment will be refunded directly to the credit card account used to purchase the ticket, except any transaction fee charged by the credit card issuer. Except as stated herein, CINE FAN ONLINE single tickets are non-refundable and non-exchangeable.

節目更改 Programme Changes
4.1 香港國際電影節協會保留更改CINE FAN ONLINE內容、放映時間及取消放映的權利。有關節目更新或取消的最新消息,本會將於電影節發燒友的社交媒體及網頁 ( )上公布。
We reserve the right to change, re-schedule, or cancel any CINE FAN ONLINE Content in our absolute discretion. We will announce such changes or cancellations in advance via social media and our official website (

5.1 您登記的CINE FAN ONLINE帳戶只限個人使用,不可轉讓。請勿透露您的帳戶資料予他人。香港國際電影節協會對未經授權而使用您的帳戶恕不承擔責任。
Your registered CINE FAN ONLINE account is intended for use by only one person and non-transferable. Do not reveal your account information to a third party. The society has no responsibility for any unauthorised use of your account.

觀看CINE FAN ONLINE內容 Viewing on Cine Fan ONLINE
6.1 CINE FAN ONLINE內容僅限香港地區用戶觀看。
All CINE FAN ONLINE Content is available for viewing ONLY in Hong Kong.

6.2 同一帳戶只限同時於一部裝置上觀看CINE FAN ONLINE內容。
CINE FAN ONLINE Content cannot be viewed simultaneously on more than one device with the same account.

6.3 CINE FAN ONLINE每部放映的電影設有限配額,先到先得。如無預先購買網上電影門票,不保證能觀看CINE FAN ONLINE內容。
Each CINE FAN ONLINE screening has limited viewing capacity, available on a first-come, firstserved basis. We do not guarantee access to any CINE FAN ONLINE Content without purchasing tickets in advance.

6.4 完成付款後,可於放映期在 CINE FAN ONLINE觀賞已購票的影片。收費電影或節目放映期最多為72小時(首天的00:00至第三天的23:59),期間可隨時觀看已購票的影片,惟開始播放後,須於24小時內完成觀影
Users can access their purchased CINE FAN ONLINE Content according to the published screening schedule. Each purchased film or programme will be available for viewing for 72 hours only - from 00:00 on Day One to 23:59 on Day Three. Once started, users will have to finish the purchased content within 24 hours.

兼容裝置與瀏覽器 Device and Browser Compatibility
7.1 CINE FAN ONLINE支援Windows、macOS、iPadOS、iOS、Apple TV、AirPlay及Chromecast 操作系統。使用Chrome,Firefox或Opera瀏覽器只提供標清 (SD)畫質放映。如使用Chromecast 及Windows 10(或以上)的裝置,建議使用最新版本的Microsoft Edge。而iOS、iPadOS或macOS10.13(或以上)的裝置,則建議使用最新版本的Safari。基於安全理由,系統並不支援Internet Explorer瀏覽器進行播放。
Users can view all CINE FAN ONLINE Content on Windows, macOS, iPadOS, iOS, Apple TV, AirPlay and Chromecast devices. Playback is limited to SD on Chrome, Firefox and Opera. For Chromecast and devices running Windows 10 (or above), the lastest version of Microsoft Edge is recommended. For devices running iOS, iPadOS, or macOS10.13 (or above), the latest version of Safari is recommended. For security reasons, Internet Explorer is NOT supported.

7.2 CINE FAN ONLINE可能無法在所有兼容裝置上運作,特別是舊型號裝置、瀏覽器及作業系統。為達致最佳觀賞效果,建議使用高速寬頻互聯網。
CINE FAN ONLINE may not be compatible with all devices, especially older models running outdated browsers and operating systems. For optimal viewing experience, we recommend accessing CINE FAN ONLINE with high-speed, broadband internet.

7.3 購買網上電影門票所支付的費用並不包括互聯網使用費,您需自行承擔您的互聯網服務供應商因瀏覽CINE FAN ONLINE的內容而產生的費用。
The payment you made to purchase single tickets does not cover mobile data charges for internet usage. You are solely responsible for any data charges your internet service provider may apply to access CINE FAN ONLINE Content.

電影評級 Film Classification
8.1 任何經通訊事務管理局電影、報刊及物品管理辦事處評定為第III級的公映影片,將在CINE FAN ONLINE的電影加以註明。此類電影只容許18歲或以上人士觀看。如本會有合理理由相信您未滿18歲而購買門票及/或觀看已評定為第III級的影片,本會有權取消您的門票及禁止你觀看內容。
CINE FAN ONLINE will specify any content classified as Category III for public exhibition by the Office for Film, Newspaper and Article Administration (OFNAA) under the Communications Authority. Only persons aged 18 or above can access such content. If we have reasonable grounds to believe that you are under the age of 18 when purchasing a ticket or accessing content classified as Category III, we reserve the right to cancel your purchase and deny you access to the content at our sole discretion.

8.2 香港國際電影節協會對於可能令您覺得冒犯、不雅或反感的任何材料概不負責。
We accept no responsibility for any content that you may consider offensive, indecent, or objectionable.

知識產權 Intellectual Property
9.1 本會重視知識產權,並會對任何侵犯版權行為採取行動。香港國際電影節協會保留所有權利和補救措施,以防止侵犯本會或本會的許可人或服務供應商在CINE FAN ONLINE或CINE FAN ONLINE內容中任何知識產權。使用CINE FAN ONLINE,表示您同意:
We respect intellectual property rights, and we will take any copyright infringement to task. We reserve all rights and remedies available to us to prevent any infringement of intellectual property of CINE FAN ONLINE or CINE FAN ONLINE Content owned by the Society, our licensors, or service providers. By accessing CINE FAN ONLINE, you agree:

i. 遵守這些條款的前提下觀看或使用CINE FAN ONLINE內容,不得用於任何其他目的;
To use CINE FAN ONLINE Content only in compliance with the following terms and not for any other purposes;
ii. 不得下載、上傳、複製、重製、傳播給公眾,傳送、發布、廣播、修改、操縱、出租、租賃、借貸、出售、分發或創建任何CINE FAN ONLINE內容或其任何部分的任何衍生作品;
Not to download, upload, copy, reproduce, communicate to the public, transmit, publish, broadcast, modify, manipulate, rent, lease, loan, sell, distribute, or create any derivative works of any CINE FAN ONLINE Content or any part of it;
iii. 不得以任何方式複製、重製、修改或操縱CINE FAN ONLINE及CINE FAN ONLINE內容的任何部分;
Not to copy, reproduce, modify or manipulate any part of CINE FAN ONLINE and CINE FAN ONLINE Content in any manner; and
iv. 不得以任何未經授權的方式利用CINE FAN ONLINE或CINE FAN ONLINE內容。
Not to exploit CINE FAN ONLINE or CINE FAN ONLINE Content in any unauthorised ways.

私隱權 Privacy
10.1 本會尊重您的私隱,您的信任對本會至為重要。我們承諾致力保障您的個人資料安全穩妥。您使用CINE FAN ONLINE受本會的個人資料收集聲明所約束。
We fully respect your privacy, and your trust is of utmost importance to us. We are committed to keeping your data safe and secure. Your use of CINE FAN ONLINE is subject to our Personal Information Collection Statement.

第三方網站 Third-Party Website
11.1 CINE FAN ONLINE可能含有其他非香港國際電影節協會所擁有或控制的連結或網站,您與第三方網站的任何連結風險自負。使用第三方網站時,您提供的任何資料將受第三方網站的條款所約束,包括保密、資料私隱及安全相關事項。我們與第三方網站的持有人或營運者並無關聯,對第三方網站提供的產品、服務及任何相關事宜亦恕不承擔任何責任。本會對第三方網站的內容並不表認可或同意,亦不會提供保證、代表或承諾。
CINE FAN ONLINE may link you to a third-party website owned and operated by an independent party over which we have no control. Any link you make to or from the third-party website will be at your own risk. Any information you provided will be governed by the terms of the third-party website, including those relating to confidentiality, data privacy and security. We are not associated with the owner or operator of the third-party website or responsible or liable for the goods and services offered by it or any matter related to such a third-party website. We do not endorse or approve and make no warranties, representations or undertakings related to the third-party website’s content.

其他事項 Miscellaneous
12.1 您需自行承擔使用CINE FAN ONLINE的風險。如有任何爭議,香港國際電影節協會保留最終決定權。
Your use of CINE FAN ONLINE is at your own risk. In case of any dispute, the Society reserves the right of final decision.

12.2 CINE FAN ONLINE內容僅限於您個人之非商業用途。本會在此明確表示您不得將CINE FAN ONLINE內容作任何用途,包括但不限於商業及教育用途。
Your access to any CINE FAN ONLINE Content is only for private, personal and non-commercial use. We expressly forbid you to use any CINE FAN ONLINE Content for any other purposes, including but not limited to commercial and educational.

12.3 香港國際電影節協會不保證、不陳述或不擔保無間斷或無錯誤的使用費用,由此引起的任何損失概不負責,包括但不限於損失、損壞、攻擊、病毒、干擾、黑客入侵或其他安全性入侵或超出本會和/或其許可人和/或其服務供應商合理控制範圍外的任何其他因素,包括但不限於兼容裝置的性質或網絡連接。
We do not guarantee, represent or warrant the uninterrupted or error-free use of CINE FAN ONLINE. We shall not be liable for any loss arising from such events, including but not limited to loss, corruption, attack, virus, interference, hacking, or other security intrusion or any other factors beyond the reasonable control by the Society and / or our licensors and / or service providers, including but not limited to the nature of user’s device or internet connection.

12.4 在法律允許的範圍內,CINE FAN ONLINE和CINE FAN ONLINE內容由香港國際電影節協會提供。除法定保障外,不提供任何形式的保證或擔保。
To the extent permitted by law, we provide CINE FAN ONLINE and CINE FAN ONLINE Content without warranties or guarantees of any kind, other than the statutory protection afforded to you by the applicable legislation.

12.5 如中、英文兩個版本的條款及細則有任何不相符之處,應以英文版本為準。
The English version shall prevail in case of any discrepancy between the English and Chinese versions of these Terms and Conditions.