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紫色女孩的婚事 Yuni

1h 35m 世界視野 Global Vision 2021

印尼六月非雨季,少女內心已大雨滂沱。酷愛紫色的尤妮,夢想是升讀大學。可是高中尚未畢業,已有陌生人帶禮金上門提親。社會要求女性婚前保持貞潔,最好盡早結婚相夫教子;坊間更傳說拒婚三次將成為老姑婆。一切都與尤妮憧憬的未來背道而馳,她只想放聲高歌表達自我。大抵現實已夠荒謬,卡米拉安迪妮暫且放下前作的魔幻風格,回首少年時代成長壓力,以寫實筆觸刻劃加諸女性身上的種種束縛。同場放映安迪妮短片《髮之舞》(10 分鐘),共105 分鐘。

Local superstition dictates that if a girl turns down more than two proposals it can bring bad luck. For 16-year-old Yuni, however, marriage isn’t a blessing, but an obstacle standing between her and a university education. Andini’s drama presents a portrait of present day Indonesia as a grossly unbalanced society, in which young women hold no agency or control over their future, but who must undergo mandatory virginity tests at school before being married off to strange men often many years their senior. Screening with Terikat (10min). Total: 105min.


印尼語, Indonesian


繁體中文, English


印尼, 新加坡, 法國, 澳洲, Indonesia, Singapore, France, Australia