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躁愛 The Restless

1h 58m 作者風 Auteurs 2021

夜夜不眠不休,畫筆狂舞,創作力排山倒海而來,殊不知海嘯已悄然淹至。拒絕服藥,情緒逐漸失控,駕車送兒子上學橫衝直撞,又闖入課室大鬧,令一直悉心照顧家庭的妻子近乎崩潰,由處處忍讓變得事事緊張,兒子亦由開朗變沉默。在《當愛已成往事》(41 屆)後,華堅拿科士再探家庭矛盾糾結,借躁鬱症的漣漪效應,牽引出更深更廣的互信與互傷、相愛卻難容的婚姻關係。沒有驚濤駭浪的戲劇場面,卻見亂流暗湧此起彼落,迴盪出一幅令人唏噓的家庭肖像。

Unable to sleep or rest, Damien feels a creative impulse to paint, unaware that his bursts of energy gradually escalate into a tsunami for his family. Realising that his mental strain has become a menace after recklessly driving his son to school, Damien’s loving wife Leïla resolves to confront his bipolar disorder head-on. After Love (41st) director Joachim Lafosse creates another sensitive portrait of a family spinning from the impact of mental illness, drawn through a series of emotionally-charged, and quietly devastating vignettes.


法語, French




比利時, 盧森堡, 法國, Belgium, Luxembourg, France