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猶記她是他 Casa Susanna

1h 37m 真的假不了 Reality Bites 2022

紐約州鄉郊深處,曾經有個地方叫蘇珊娜之家,在民風保守的年代,是很多易服男士和跨性別女性得以暫時釋放內心欲望的秘密基地。打扮成中產貴婦,放心表達真正自我,不用擔心觸犯法例或被歧視,當中有些已為人父,甚至帶着妻子同來。李夫施治(《小王子公主心》,44 屆)找到當年入住蘇珊娜之家的客人,回憶年輕時候那段探索自我性別身份的重要歷程。影片更追尋到屋主蘇珊娜本人的傳奇故事,並透過大量當年照片及珍貴片段,重現那個忘記她是他的易服天堂。

In the 1950s and 60s, an estate in the Catskill mountains, north of New York City became a safe haven for a community of transvestites. At that time, cross-dressing was illegal in the United States, and so word of ‘Casa Susanna’ spread only through word-of-mouth, attracting a very select crowd of eclectic personalities, who could live and celebrate in peace and relative safety. Sébastien Lifshitz’s (Little Girl, 44th) wonderfully heartfelt documentary reunites surviving members of this group with relatives of others for an emotional and life-affirming trip down memory lane.


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法國、美國 France, USA