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伊迪帕斯王 Oedipus Rex

1h 44m 隨性入聖:柏索里尼劇情片回顧展 From Sexuality to Sanctity: Fiction Film Retrospective of Pier Paolo Pasolini 1967




In this ancient Greek tragedy of Oedipus haunted by a prophecy to murder his father and marry his mother, Pasolini’s transplantation of the myth is put under a very personal frame that interweaves his own memories with Sophocles’ drama - andwith his cameo as a high priest. Connected to the contemporary world through an autobiographical prologue and epilogue, the ancient text is unfolded in desert settings with primitive grandeur, in a mood of solitude and ambivalence that underline the myth’s psychological overtones - are we truly fated to our destinies?

Kinema Junpo Awards: Best Foreign Language Film

Venice Film Festival: In Competition


意大利語, Italian




意大利, Italy