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雅典,重返衛城 Athens, Return to the Acropolis (1983)

無止境的旅程 — 安哲羅普洛斯全展An Eternal Odyssey: The Complete Theo Angelopoulos 45min

雅典,在安氏的鏡頭下既是古都,也是浮城。重返出生地,由衛城走過拜占庭教堂、新古典主義舊宅的遺址及炮火洗禮下殘存的樓房,尋訪兒時故居,見證歐洲文明誕生之地的滄海桑田。那是希臘歷史與個人神話的融合,也是沉重過去與悲愴現世的交匯。以塞弗裡斯的詩詞、沙奴哲斯的油畫為靈感點綴,串連起城市的失落故事與個人的深情回憶。為歐洲文化之都電視系列拍攝的特輯之一,處處是安氏獨特的詩意筆觸,從中可瞥見 《流浪藝人》的影子。

As part of a television series on the European cultural capitals, a different Athens is evoked under the lyrical lens of Angelopoulos, who captures the city he was born and raised with musings on its past and present, on national history and personal myth. Travelling from Acropolis to the Byzantine churches, the remains of the neo-classical homes, and searching for the houses in which he lived, his portrait of Athens is full of memories and inspirations, laced with the poetry of George Seferis and the paintings of Yannis Tsarouchis, and reminiscent of The Travelling Players .


希臘語, Greek


希臘, Greece