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倖存少女奇蹟之旅 Aurora’s Sunrise

1h 36m 超人氣動畫 Animation Unlimited 2022


The harrowing historical events which inspired the 1919 silent film Auction of Souls, a portion of which was rediscovered and restored in 2009, are brought to life through archival material, voiceover and animation in Sahakyan’s captivating film. Aurora was just a teenager when the Armenian Genocide tore her family apart, sending her fleeing for her life into exile. When she eventually made her way to the US, her story was embraced and recounted by Hollywood, however even becoming a cause celebre could not extinguish the pain of her suffering.


亞美尼亞語、英語、土耳其語、庫爾德語 Armenian, English, Turkish, Kurdish


中文, English


亞美尼亞﹑德國﹑立陶宛 Armenia, Germany, Lithuania