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新世紀電影史話 The Story of Film: A New Generation

2h 47m 影人影事 Filmmakers and Filmmaking 2021

曾以《電影史話》(36 屆)漫談百年影史的麥克卡辛斯推出新篇,審視過去十年的光影革命,探索新世代電影該何去何從。一如阿彼察邦的《浮華塚》,任幻夢聯想遁入浩瀚無邊的影像世界,以精闢眼光自由連接,從杜琪峯漫天紙屑下的槍戰復仇到幾可亂真的北韓宣傳式戲謔,由蔡明亮的VR 以至高達的3D,把無數新穎意念、 創意科技綴合成靈光閃耀的影史拼圖。看罷你當想跟着《巴黎聖騎士》的里奧卡哈斯,從睡房的魔幻通道走進戲院,發掘黑暗中的無限可能。

Updating his amazing cinephile history The Story of Film (36th), Mark Cousins returns with fresh insights from his compelling expedition into 21st century cinema. From Johnnie To’s Vengeance, Tsai Ming-Liang’s VR to Jean-Luc Godard’s 3D, his wide-ranging aesthetic appetite embraces inspired connections across borders, spinning an epic and hopeful tale of cinema’s brave new world. Brimming with clips expanding our horizons, it is a celebration of cinema and filmmakers’ adventurous spirit, and an invitation to voyages of collective dreaming.


英語, English




英國, United Kingdom