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心湖浮影 Afterwater

1h 33m 詩影像 Poetry in Motion 2022

蒼林景色生湖心,日來清境非人間。男的研究蟲及魚,女的沉醉植物及草藥,彼此圖書館相遇,二話不說就坐上列車,遠離城市,到湖畔露營冶遊。自然如母,如露,如天沐,令他們舉手投足,閱讀吃喝,都像重返伊甸園般自在舒泰。忽來一個陌生人,迅即無縫合成三人組,頓悟六合從來充滿奇蹟。最終發現湖畔的三人組和湖都不只一個。言語道斷處,始於松濤鳥語,終於天籟無聲。丹尼哥米耶繼《北境三人行》(41 屆)再進一步,拍出大音希聲的自然電影,引人讚歎。

Komljen offers not so much a narrative feature as a stream of consciousness caught on film. He invites us to observe as two scientists research animal and plant life, first in libraries and laboratories, then out in the wild. We observe as they observe, until eventually, they disappear into the natural world that was their subject of study, and they become as one with it, and we continue to observe them now merely as another element of the great outdoors. That is, until they are joined by another.


英語, 波蘭語, 瑞典語, 克羅地亞語, 西班牙語, English, Polish, Swedish, Croatian, Spanish




德國, 塞爾維亞, 西班牙, 南韓, Germany, Serbia, Spain, South Korea