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下一站,紅場 Where Are We Headed?

1h 4m 紀錄片競賽 Documentary Competition 2021


Fedotow’s surprisingly intimate yet unobtrusive camera chronicles hundreds of thousands of commuters as they go about their daily lives on Moscow’s bustling metro system. Within the cavernous, beautifully constructed stations, Fedotow’s film, shot over the course of a year, paints an elaborate and detailed portrait of the city’s population, and by extension the political state of the entire nation. He captures moments of intimacy and heartbreak, as buskers and hawkers ply their trade and drunken revelry escalates into random violence, all under the watchful eye of an oppressive police presence.


俄語, Russian


繁體中文, English


俄羅斯, 白俄羅斯, Russia, Belarus