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無雨問蒼天 Utama

1h 28m 新秀電影競賽 (世界) Young Cinema Competition (World) 2022


On the arid plateau of the Bolivian highlands, an elderly Quechua couple eke out a simple living, tending to their herd of llamas and subsisting on little more than potatoes. But when a particularly harsh dry season threatens their existence, and the old man’s health begins to deteriorate, how much longer can they ignore their grandson’s pleas to join him in the city? Grisi’s debut tackles themes that defy time itself, including our codependent relationship with nature and the stubborn resistance to change and letting go of one’s traditional heritage.


奇楚瓦語, 西班牙語, Quechua, Spanish




玻利維亞, 烏拉圭, 法國, Bolivia, Uruguay, France