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體操少女的落地瞬間 Olga

1h 26m 環球視野 Global Vision 2021

即欲揚帆從此去,家國恩仇未了緣;烽火飛花飄揚處,猶恨嬌娥居異鄉。年方十五,才華橫溢的烏克蘭女子體操選手因記者母親報導市長貪污而被迫流亡瑞士,本一心一意適應新環境,備戰歐洲錦標賽,故國忽傳戰報,2013 年革命之火席捲烏克蘭,在基輔的親友陷身其中,安危未卜。比賽場上劍拔弩張,場下也絕不輕鬆。政治和體育真的可以分開?埃利格拉普首部長片盡顯其影像觸覺,扣人心弦的剪接所表現的,又豈止糾纏中的焦慮與深邃?康城影評人雙周SACD 獎。

Unfolding against the backdrop of Ukraine’s violent Euromaidan protests in 2013, the story is about Olga, a 15-year-old gymnast exiled to Switzerland after her mother becomes a political target. Her efforts to gain a place on the Swiss national team to compete in the European Championships are persistently undermined by uncertainties relating to her mother and her home country. Featuring real footage of the revolution, Grappe delivers a poignant deliberation on identity, both on an individual and national level.


法語, 俄語, 烏克蘭語, French, Russian, Ukrainian


繁體中文, English


瑞士, 法國, Switzerland, France