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坦圖拉屠殺謊言 Tantura

1h 35m 紀錄片競賽 Documentary Competition 2021


Today, Nahsholim is a sleepy seaside resort, but in 1948, during Israel’s War of Independence it was the Palestinian village of Tantura, where hundreds of Arabs were massacred. More than 70 years later, records of the atrocity exist only in a collection of 20-year-old audio recordings made by grad student Teddy Katz, who was promptly silenced by the government. As Schwarz tracks down and conducts new interviews with the surviving witnesses, his documentary is a harrowing reminder that, unless vigilantly enforced, history is only ever written by the victors.


希伯來語, 英語, 阿拉伯語, Hebrew, English, Arabic




以色列, Israel