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撕裂巴黎 The Divide

1h 39m 影迷嘉年華 Cinephile Paradise 2021

情人要離開,兒子上街去,中產女同志跌倒送院,巧遇示威中催淚彈受傷的卡車司機,大家由爭床位爭醫療設施到政治激辯。他說她錯投馬克龍,她罵他右傾法西斯,唇槍舌劍不及現實催逼,一聲「打到嚟」,醫院關門自保,本就人手不足終至一團混亂,無人知出路在哪。戰爭狀態從未在人們腦海平息,左右鬥爭深入人生各種選擇,無日無之。嘉芙蓮郭仙妮(《恨一世的愛》,43 屆)集合編導攝全女班,以黃背心運動作背景,拍出震懾人心劇力,摘下康城同志金棕櫚獎。

Raf and Julie are on the verge of a break up. Stuck in the emergency room of an overcrowded hospital on the evening of a Yellow Vest protest in the heart of Paris, the couple confront their waning relationship. As events outside go from bad to worse, various encounters with injured demonstrators and overworked hospital staffers expose the deep social fractures at the core of it all. Catherine Corsini’s latest is a dramatised, immediate look into working class struggles during this ongoing, tumultuous period of French politics.


繁體中文, English


法國, France


法語, French