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世界動畫精選 World Animation

1h 5m 超人氣動畫 Animation Unlimited 2022


The Fourth Wall (Divare Chaharom)
A stuttering boy is alone, entertained by his imagination within four white walls and a chequered floor. The birds and the water are stuttering too, and he hopes his mother giving birth to a baby can end it all. But his mother and father are at war, as his plane crashes and the egg falls.


When the night falls, a group of gleaming axolotls surface from the dark swamps to play with each other, only to be consumed by an ensemble of chubby forestdwellers. Floating above the cloud, their plump bodies vanish as dawn is slowly breaking. Asian Premiere.


Impossible Figures and other stories I
In the aftermath of a massive explosion, only a fewsouls remain. A mysterious and elegant elderly woman wandering deserted city streets contemplates what was and what could have been. As a flood slowly swallows the city, she shares a final moment of grieving beauty. Asian Premiere.


Anxious Body
Pulling adhesive tape with our fingers, how will our body feel? Delving into fragments of daily life, tiny gestures and moments, this sensitive exploration of touch immerses us in our unconscious, drawing out an intimate interpretation of our anxious but curious body.


Alice on the Beach
A shopping cart slides into the ocean, along with her dream. Is it an isolated reef, or a stranded whale? As she dives into the deep and silent sea, Alice thinks of her love and commitment, as they seem to drift away. Her dream loses its colour, only black silence and white years remain.


A Bite of Bone (Honekami)
At her father’s funeral, a little girl reflects on the awesome memories of their last summer together. Yet most stunning of all, is when grandpa tells her of a tradition: biting a piece of her father’s bone, so she can be with him forever.


From the count of mixed up numbers to the chant of Buddhist sutras, grandma Mui’s relentless nagging fills the phone screen, the bus trip and even the virtual space in his head. Then suddenly, childhood memories creep in, collaging the present annoyance with a bygone happiness.