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時光微塵 The Dust of Time (2008)

無止境的旅程 — 安哲羅普洛斯全展 An Eternal Odyssey: The Complete Theo Angelopoulos 2h 7m



Continuing the odyssey of a Greek-American filmmaker echoing “A” in Ulysses’ Gaze, Angelopoulos’ final epic sets on the coming of new millennium, taking a long trip back into the vast history of the last half-century, from the death of Stalin to the fall of the Berlin Wall. This time, in Rome’s Cinecittà studios directing a film about his parents and his own life, he is absorbed into an elliptical intermingling of memory and reality, time and history, love and borders. The cinematic journey of the Greek maestro halted at this fin-de-siècle drama. Yet, nothing ended. Nothing ever ends. Screening with short film Sky Below (6’) from Invisible World (2012).

Cannes Film Festival: In Competition


English, Greek, Russian, German, 英語, 希臘語, 俄語, 德語


Greece, France, Italy, Germany, Russia, 希臘, 法國, 意大利, 德國, 俄羅斯