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薩拉熱窩少年夢 Do You Remember Dolly Bell? (1981)

超現實的魔幻圖像 庫斯圖里卡, Emir Kusturica the Magical Surrealist 1h 50m

在鐵托紅旗飄揚的六十年代,酗酒嚴父堅信上樓有望共產美夢必會成真,兒子卻寧願與古惑仔吸煙夾band看意大利B級片。自練催眠術哄不了小兔,倒欺騙自己相信「天天向上,明天會更好」。面對被操縱妓女Dolly Bell的愛慾誘惑,由靦腆以對到終完成人之禮,可惜父親來不及見證烏托邦實現已一命嗚呼。庫斯圖里卡將自身的青春迷濛與慾望直射入薩拉熱窩少年夢,點撥出時代的混沌與虛無,在威尼斯影展大放異彩奪下最佳首作獎,舉重若輕的黑色冷諷早見大師功架。


Aloof from his father’s conviction in Communist idealism, Dino prefers to fall in with a band of petty crooks and be hooked on the glamour of gangster films. Practising hypnosis that fails on rabbits, he succeeds in anesthetising himself by believing “Every day I’m getting better and better”, and finally comes into his manhood through his romantic infatuations with young prostitute Dolly Bell. A bittersweet coming-of-age tale interweaving the political uproar of 1960’s Sarajevo, Kusturica’s semi-autobiographical debut manifests a sardonic sensibility that defines his dazzling directorial style, recognised by Venice as Best First Work.

Venice Film Festival: Best First Work, FIPRESCI Prize, OCIC Award – Honorable Mention


克羅地亞語, Serbo-Croatian




南斯拉夫, Yugoslavia