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一任無知到天明 A Night of Knowing Nothing

1h 39m 詩影像 Poetry in Motion 2021

放滿雜物的貯物櫃裏,一封封書信被發現,初讀是署名L 電影學院女學生寫給情人、訴說離愁思念的情書,然而隨着愈來愈多信被朗讀,夾雜一些缺頁筆記,在怯生生的女聲中,陸續感受到個人對種姓制度的悲憤、被集體浪潮淹沒的個人困惑與無奈。對一個懂得思考的年輕女子來說,印度畢竟是處處難行的狼戾之邦。虛構與真實、夢境與記憶、想像與無慮……都在如幻如化的字影婆娑裏交纏互滲,終不可分。以紀錄片之名,愛竟跨越了不可能之域,成就無知之知的佳作。

A filmmaker discovers a set of letters in a drawer at the Film and Television Institute of India. In it, “L” chronicles her estrangement from her lover, who has been forced to stop seeing her due to her caste. L has stayed on campus, where she has witnessed the emergence of a movement opposing Hindu nationalism. An unforgettable film existing in the margins between the experimental, political, and confessional, Payal Kapadia’s feature debut is a dreamy documentation of student life, and aspiration of hope for the future of a fractured country.


印地語, 孟加拉語, Hindi, Bengali




法國, 印度, France, India