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前衛短片專輯 Avant Garde Shorts Programme

1h 4m 詩影像 Poetry in Motion

《破新立舊》 (15分鐘)


《洞穴畫》 (14分鐘)


《自在弗居之錄》 (12分鐘)


《抵抗時間》 (23分鐘)


The Newest Olds (15min)

Through a cacophony of conflicting sound and imagery, a vibrant yet distorted portrait of the troubled US city of Detroit slowly emerges. Fluctuating visuals heighten the viewer’s awareness of cinematic artifice, further accentuated by the seemingly unconnected actions and conversations that pepper the accompanying soundscape.

Cave Painting (14min)

A hyper-kinetic collage of treated nitrate strips and paint swirls morph into a dizzying descent into the bowels of the Earth. Fruhauf propels his audience deep into the history of human artistic expression, as images of cavernous dwellings create a wormhole that engulfs the viewer and transports, or perhaps digests, them back to the dawn of time.

The Demands of Ordinary Devotion (12min)

Opening with a quote from Lao Tzu outlining the indisputable existence of all things gives way to a cyclical montage of circular forms and behaviours. From the tossing of a coin to a potter’s wheel, the whirr of a hand-cranked camera to a breast pump and a breastfeeding child. Everything underscores the endless, indomitable, unstoppable nature of our experience.

Against Time (23min)

Filmmaker Ben Russell broaches two temporal concepts simultaneously: one of rapid succession, the other of simultaneity. Celebrations and fireworks unfold in reverse, an empty stage resonates with a performance just ended. An infant child travels down an endless tunnel, born on the highway to a future known and unknown.