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墨花五色風雲浮 The Colour of Ink

1h 49m 真的假不了 Reality Bites 2022

一花一世界,一墨一浮生。枯枝、蟲殼、礦石、鐵鏽,傑森盧根從毫不起眼的天 然物質,細心提煉獨一無二的墨水,在畫紙上化為班駁的奼紫嫣紅、浮翠流丹, 為藝術家的作品注入色彩養份。以磁石磨成的赤黑,狂書「一」簡勁而恢宏之美; 以鮮血摻混的普魯斯藍,勾劃線線對摯親的思念。從回溯製墨歷史以至反思人與 人之間的聯繫,導演莊遜與攝影師尼古拉狄潘斯以優美鏡頭繪染絢麗影像詩,驚 嘆大自然的繽紛奧妙,也為人對完美藝術的不懈追求獻上禮讚。

From flowers to acorns, rocks to rust, Jason Logan extracts from unconventional materials to create bespoke inks for some of the world’s most acclaimed artists. The extraordinary colours: ochre, Prussian blue, and pure black seem almost like revelations on paper in the magic hands of the Toronto-based ink-maker. Imbued with fascinating imagery that reinforces themes of natural grandeur and human wonder, Johnson’s impressive documentary traces the history of ink, elegises an endangered craft, and celebrates the passion in art.


英語、西班牙語、日語 English, Spanish, Japanese


中文, English


加拿大 Canada