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魔法・老公・雞 Feathers

1h 55m 環球視野 Global Vision 2021


At a young boy’s birthday party, a magic trick goes awry, accidentally transforming the family’s overbearing patriarch into a chicken. His subservient, and almost entirely mute wife must now find a means of supporting herself and her three young children, as well as pay off her husband’s sizeable debts. By turns absurd, satirical, and yet chillingly honest in its portrait of gender roles, El Zohairy’s satire tells an all-too-familiar story in bold and inventive fashion. Critic’s Week Grand Prize, Cannes.


阿拉伯語, Arabic


繁體中文, English


法國, 埃及, 荷蘭, 希臘, France, Egypt, The Netherlands, Greece