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迷失歲月 Time of the Gypsies (1988)

超現實的魔幻圖像 庫斯圖里卡, Emir Kusturica the Magical Surrealist 2h 22m



Shifting away from bleakly nostalgic satire, Kusturica draws a parallel with Luis Buñuel’s Los Olvidados , conjuring surrealist vision to capture the delirious joy and desperation of the Yugoslavian gypsies under rollicking accordion music and eclectic imagery. The tragic-comedy traces how an innocent, telekinetic boy devoted to his faith-healing grandmother and crippled sister descents into a Godfather’s accomplice engaging in exploitative crime in Italy. Punctuated with an amazing turkey, this turbulent drama is as spontaneous and mesmerising as its gypsy heroes who are under the spell of life’s gifts and misgivings.

Cannes Film Festival: Best Director


羅姆語, 克羅地亞語, Romany, Serbo-Croatian




南斯拉夫, Yugoslavia