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迷城煉魂記 The Great Movement

1h 24m 拉美風情 The Passion of Latin American Cinema 2021


Oscillating between social commentary and unexpected flourishes of fantastical escapism, Kiro Russo’s latest follows a trio of out-of-work miners, who arrive in La Paz looking for work, only for one of them to succumb to a mysterious illness. Unfolding against a spectacular landscape, this magical realist film portrays the bustle of everyday life and the simmering political conflict of a country where superstition and modern beliefs are constantly in flux, and the Earth itself threatens to split open and engulf them all.


西班牙語, Spanish


繁體中文, English


玻利維亞, 法國, 卡塔爾, 瑞士, Bolivia, France, Qatar, Switzerland