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夢斷海邊之城 The Sea Ahead

1h 57m 環球視野 Global Vision 2021


Abruptly quitting her university degree in Paris, Jana returns home to Beirut to find a city she no longer recognises. The urban landscape encapsulates an overwhelming hollowness that synchronises with the unshakable melancholy of her displaced soul. Ely Dagher’s directorial feature debut, filmed before the explosion at Beirut’s harbour, is a mournfully beautiful portrait of the psyche of the city and its people, that almost feels like an eerie premonition of the political and physical devastation prevailing in Lebanon.


阿拉伯語, Arabic




法國, 黎巴嫩, 比利時, 美國, 卡塔爾, France, Lebanon, Belgium, USA, Qatar