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兩個告別皮蘭德婁的角色 Leonora Addio

1h 31m 大師級 The Masters 2022

意國大師塔維安尼兄弟在《凱撒必死》(37 屆)展示過糅合紀實與虛構的深厚功力,又曾兩度改編諾貝爾獎作家皮蘭德婁作品。如今哥哥維托利奧撒手塵寰,弟弟鮑勞以新作替亡兄及至愛作家來一次深情謝幕。前半是作家骨灰安葬的故事,皮蘭德婁生前婉拒法西斯政權為他辦喪禮,戰後骨灰送回家鄉西西里,火車上如人間劇場,棺木逗得小孩發笑,最後是塵歸塵土歸土。後半接上作家短篇遺作,一根釘子釀成的命案,是道別也是致敬。柏林影展國際影評人聯盟獎。

Dedicated to Vittorio Taviani, Leonora Addio marks Paolo’s first feature crafted without his brother, who died in 2018. A mosaic of documentary footage, film extracts, black & white and colour photography, it follows the desperate efforts to transport the ashes of playwright Luigi Pirandello across the battered landscape of post-war Italy. What unfolds becomes an impassioned portrait of the country’s strained relationship with the US, culminating in a dramatisation of Pirandello’s The Nail. FIPRESCI Prize, Berlinale.


意大利語, Italian




意大利, 法國, Italy, France