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救參雜牌軍 Assault

1h 31m 作者風 Auteurs 2022

學校出現面具怪客,但人人在為小事爭執,沒人察覺有異。原來是武裝恐怖份子 入侵,數學老師慌忙逃生,竟然丟下學生和自己兒子,令他們都成了人質。大雪封路,政府援兵遲遲未到,老師和村民只好拉雜成軍,雞手鴨腳部署營救行動。葉爾扎諾夫(《搶親大龍鳳》,45 屆)拍的救參驚魂,明顯是個寓言,危難當前只能靠自己奮戰。也在諷刺哈薩克社會大男人主義,手執武器不會馬上變身西部片硬漢,倒是巾幗不讓鬚眉,而自私小男人最大的敵人,其實是自己。

When an armed gang of masked men storm the remote secondary school in Karatas, take the students hostage but issue no demands, an official response proves impossible due to the crippling winter conditions. Instead it falls to disgraced teacher Tazshi, his estranged wife, and a motley crew of staff and parents to assist the reluctant police chief in mounting a daring rescue attempt. Yerzhanov’s (Ulbolsyn, 45th) latest is another tightly interwoven genre mashup that skewers his country’s corrupt authoritarian structure with his signature deadpan wit.


哈薩克語、俄語 Kazakh, Russian


中文, English


哈薩克、俄羅斯 Kazakhstan, Russia