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國際短片競賽節目(一) Short Film Competition Programme I

1h 42m 國際短片競賽 Short Film Competition

《南方午後》 (16分鐘)


《何必理痛》 (16分鐘)


《向怪獸說不》 (13分鐘)


《不能拍的城市之景》 (17分鐘)


《孕海茫茫》 (20分鐘)


《九月雪》 (20分鐘)


Southern Afternoon (16min)

Discovering that his teenage daughter has received a possible love-letter, a Uyghur father living in Southern China is desperate to resolve his doubt. Unable to read Chinese, he can only ask his little daughter for help to read him the letter.

Our Pain (16min)

Pain is a subjective experience that is individually unique, yet a common experience that connects all. Physical or existential, benign or malignant, it inspires an imagination of infinite variables, expressed in this experimental painted animation.

Nocomodo (13min)

Seven-year-old Selma is taken to the cinema by her father’s associate, who soon appears to her in the guise of a crocodile. Shocked by his molestation, Selma discovers the power of her own language as a bulwark against adult violence.

Swallowtails (Lastochkiny khvosty) (17min)

Under the guise of a film competition on the architecture of the Moscow city, two directors obtain permit to film the Kremlin wall. Being banned at the entrance, they resolve to ponder swallowtail architecture and mathematical catastrophe theory.

The Sea is Also Yours (O Mar Também É Seu) (20min)

One night a woman dreams that she is transformed into a strange animal, giving birth to a cub, and then devouring it. Between sleep and wakefulness, she remembers her abortion experience in Cuba, and the ghost that still haunts her.

Snow in September (20min)

Mongolian teenager Davka and his classmate Anuka like to talk about manga and tease each other about sex. A confusing encounter with a mysterious middleaged woman changes his ideas about intimacy and relationships, and the way he moves through the world.