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國際短片競賽節目(一) Short Film Competition Programme I

1h 50m 國際短片競賽 Short Film Competition 2022

鳥兒在天空自由飛翔,他們卻同被困籠牢。在歐洲唯一設於監獄內的流浪犬收容所,由囚犯負責照顧及訓練浪浪。鏡頭置於狗狗的水平線,把人類更生與動物訓練放於同一天秤上, 審視在大小籠牢權力架構下調教出的服從與叛逆。

Adjusting (Prilagodeni)
Set in a shelter for stray dogs located within a prison, the film draws parallels between dog training and rehabilitation, examining the hierarchies of authority that render us obedient through the exercise of reward and punishment.


Displaced (Pa Vend)
From a garage to a wedding hall, two local Kosovan players wander from one obscure location to another, looking for space to erect their ping pong table to train themselves and the youngsters. Without any resources, all they have is passion.


Will You Look at Me
From New York City to his hometown Wenzhou, a young filmmaker is in search of his own self through the distant gaze of his camera. What he also captures is a disappointed mother who always blames and laments, and a chance of acceptance and love.


Blue Has No Dimensions (Azul)
Ara had always believed she would disappear at twenty-eight years old. With that birthday approaching, she pursues the most basic feelings of existence in the water, the sun and the sublime. The state of trance is a wholesome place, alien-like, pervaded by invisible forces.

When Ara realizes where her belief came from, she's propelled to catharsis: does she disappear?


The camera ventures into the hidden life and mind of a Chilean secret police agent, through the hole in her ceramic head. Her fears, delusions and frustrations are ultimately an X-ray of a country fractured by a violent military dictatorship.


This is the life of young Sasha in Russia: he trains for the Olympics by day, and parties the night away. Slowly he becomes trapped between aggression and isolation, until one day he is involved in a conflict that evolves from a trifle into a disaster.