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國際短片競賽節目(三) Short Film Competition Programme III

1h 13m 國際短片競賽 Short Film Competition

《煙燻到了眼睛》 (19分鐘)


《噩夢尋源》 (7分鐘)


《震央的多重宇宙》 (10分鐘)


《父子的最後星期天》 (18分鐘)

1990 年一個周日,威廉如常帶兒子外出嬉戲。兒子天真問及神父之死,回家路上又瞥見一家被殺,父子歡聚時光埋下不祥預兆。導演自傳作,每格畫面滲滿童年回憶,重現父親被殺前與他相處的最後一天,透現毒梟不見光的暴力。

《熊視眈眈》 (19分鐘)


Smoke Gets in Your Eyes (19min)

Three estranged children are shocked when a funeral director told them that their father has already been cremated by mistake. In order not to lose face in front of their guests, they decide to proceed with the sham funeral.

Back (7min)

He escapes from his homeland Syria, but he cannot escape from a recurring nightmare of being chased by ghosts – is it the brutal policemen, or the dictator Assad? Fear of death, trauma and being uprooted still haunts every Syrian.

Epicenter (10min)

An old man dreams about the Bukhansan Mountain perpetually covered with snow, while a young woman sees the mountain grows taller after an earthquake. Little by little, the worlds of fantasy and reality collide, exposing an invisible universe.

Zarzal (18min)

An autobiographical film filled with childhood memory. It was a Sunday of 1990, William and his son Jacobo enjoyed playtime, oblivious of the danger hidden at the end of a happy day. This would be their last day together, before his father was killed.

Bear (Ours) (19min)

An amateur filmmaker seeks help from a film school student to edit his footage of bears into a film. But when she digitises his archive, she discovers that the recordings are not only of wild animals. A discussion about male gaze and voyeuristic violence ensues.