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國際短片競賽節目(三) Short Film Competition Programme III

1h 52m 國際短片競賽 Short Film Competition 2022


Memoir of a Veering Storm
What happens to a female roe deer during her reproductive period? What does a 15-year-old girl feel during and after an abortion? The Mediterranean storm is gone, but has it erupted in her body and psyche while she is unconscious?


In an industrial greenhouse, the space of the automatic, orderly assembly line governed by machines is transformed into a dreamlike, unruly world of plants, animals and insects at night, merging imagery of technology and science fiction into one.


As Brazil prepares to launch its first manned space rocket, a couple and their children continue the routine of everyday life. Their domestic drudgery is undercut with absurdity, when it’s revealed that the wife dreams of other horizons.


Bird in the Peninsula
Under the supervision of their teacher, a group of children rehearse the traditional Japanese initiation ceremony into adulthood. When one of the boys chases after a strange bird, a young girl arrives and disturbs their ritual.


Sara is her intimate teenage friend, but even closer to Amitis is the shame of her orthodontics, the pressure of her headgear, and the threat of jaw surgery. Then all of a sudden, she commits an eerie act on Sara.


Love, Dad (Milý tati)
Rediscovering the letters her dad wrote to her from prison 15 years earlier, she decides to put in writing what could not be said. Through them she connects past memories and present desires, in the hope of finding his love, now gone.


Who is Sycorax? Is she the wicked witch mentioned by Prospero in Shakespeare´s The Tempest, who locked Ariel in a tree? Why not give a face and a voice to this offstage character, and let the soul be awakened by the elf in the most beautiful tree?