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國際短片競賽節目(二) Short Film Competition Programme II

1h 42m 國際短片競賽 Short Film Competiton

《有羽毛的東西》 (20分鐘)


《緊急求助熱線》 (18分鐘)

112 緊急援助熱線中心每天收到不少來電,接線生要處理千奇百怪求助個案,有時是自殺謀殺等緊急事故,有時是無厘頭查詢,有時更是無理謾罵甚至粗口橫飛。一天下來,只剩下疲憊身軀與困頓面容,又有誰會安撫他們的情緒?

《我被遺忘在林蔭大道》 (13分鐘)

千禧年初聖地牙哥崇尚窄身牛仔褲與響亮搖滾樂,菲律賓移民後代少女莉莉卻總像與表姐妹格格不入。感恩節家族聯歡人人興高采烈,阿姨風騷唱着卡拉OK 懷舊情歌,沉靜的莉莉朦朧睡着了,一直等待的電話卻在此時響起……

《反坦克障礙物的禮儀》 (12分鐘)


《雙姝》 (19分鐘)


《一夜爆樽》 (20分鐘)


The Thing with Feathers (Federding) (20min)

An Iranian-Afghan family’s life in Germany can be solely seen through their hands. Maryam sticks to a daily studying routine, hoping to return to her medical career, while her husband receives a job interview, seeking to become a photographer.


The emergency call center 112 receives numerous phone calls every day. Connecting with various situations, big and small, the operators know no bounds in taking care of diverse callers. But when the day is done, who will help them deal with their own emotions?

When You Left Me On That Boulevard (13min)

A second-generation Filipino-American, teenager Ly’s reticence seems like a mismatch with her spirited cousins and her boisterous family who get high at a Thanksgiving party at their auntie’s house in San Diego. Short Film Grand Jury Prize at Sundance.

Liturgy of Anti-Tank Obstacles (12min)

The language of war is now spoken by everybody. Leaving their religious statues behind, Ukrainian sculptors pivot towards forging large scale anti-tank obstacles to help fend off the Russian invasion, as liturgical choral song mixes with air raid alarm.

The Beads (As miçangas) (19min)

Retreating to a remote holiday home, two young sisters seem to enjoy their tranquil vacation. The glimpse of a snake in the house presages the fear and angst of one of them, who undergoes an abortion, while the other quietly cares for her.

Sugar Glass Bottle (20min)

Near-future, Tokyo. Two high school best friends express their mounting frustration through practising a prank of bashing the other over the head with a prop glass bottle. Their prank becomes more convincing when they meet a real estate shark.