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國際短片競賽節目(二) Short Film Competition Programme II

1h 49m 國際短片競賽 Short Film Competition 2022


North Pole
Misty field, crowded locker room. Margo belongs to neither. Maybe if she loses her virginity, she will finally find her place? Captured through a delicate lens are female desires, flowing between hope, obligation, pressure and sweet release.


The Spiral
A downward spiral unfolds as the voice of a woman sinks into an anxiety attack, entangled with a labyrinth of fears and subconscious emotions. A hypnotic, lonely ride into the memories of childhood and family. Does home really feel like home?


A Nonconformist (Khon Nhok)
Disturbed by a sound in his head, a detention camp detainee believes he has lost his memory, after drinking the water cursed by black magic. Searching for her husband, a woman comes to the village where he was captured, and discovers a dark secret.


Good Day
Struck by a divorce and a typhoon simultaneously, a middle-aged man adds to his own trouble: he leaves the windows open after sneaking home to get his golf bag. Now, he must find a way to save his house and his marriage from the storm.

《狼隱之家》(42 屆)導演假借世上首部定格動畫出土,在仿似重新修復的十六米厘破落影像裏,隱見原住民少女施行驅魔儀式,骷髏顛簸舞動,軀體凌亂錯置,傳召憲法兩大始作俑者魂魄,為智利過去的黑暗政治破詛解咒。

The Bones (Los Huesos)
Posing as the world’s first stop-motion animated film now restored, the footage documents a ritual exorcism performed by an indigenous girl. Emerging from the danse macabre are the central figures of authoritarian Chile. So begins the country’s nightmare.


What Remains (O Que Resta)
Living alone on his abandoned farm, an old farmer decides to sell his only ram. As the buyer pulls out, he tries to sell it on his own. During his journey, he is confronted by everyday challenges which he no longer recognises.