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孤獨熱線 Aloners

1h 31m 環球視野 Global Vision 2021

孤僻獨居的貞雅任職信用卡公司,負責接聽客戶熱線,每天和陌生人通話,其實 最能保持人際疏離。來電千奇百怪,有人破口大罵,有人失心妄想。貞雅是模範 員工,總能淡然處之,內心早已築好厚厚圍牆。然而疏遠的父親忽來聯繫、鄰居 男子嘗試搭訕、新同事熱心交友,漸漸打亂她的自閉日常。韓國新銳導演洪性恩首 部長片,細膩刻劃現代人的冷漠孤獨—人人習慣與屏幕作伴,戴上耳機自我隔 離。孔昇延準確掌握主角纖細內斂的微妙心境,獲全州電影節最佳演出獎。

Jina may be the top employee at the credit card call centre where she works, but since the death of her mother, she has cut herself off from the rest of society. Her carefully crafted isolation is disrupted when she is asked to train a new female colleague, and learns a shocking truth about the young man who lives next door. Hong’s debut is a quietly haunting exploration of modern city life, and the struggles of the young, plugged-in generation to reach out and make meaningful connections with those around them.


韓語, Korean


繁體中文, English


南韓, South Korea