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風林火山自救隊 Paradise

1h 28m 紀錄片競賽 Documentary Competition 2022

在冰雪覆蓋的西伯利亞林村,熱浪降臨是噩夢開始。位處俄羅斯的「管控地帶」,人煙稀少的村落即使山火燒來,政府亦不會出動消防隊前來撲救,村民只能自生自滅。為保衛家園,村民組成自願消防隊,與護林隊成員走到前線,竭力阻止火勢蔓延。火乘風勢迅速擴散,隊員爭分奪秒與「火龍」搏鬥。大地被濃煙掩蓋的蒼茫景象美如抽象畫,隱藏於一片焦黃背後卻是令人咋舌的事實:單是2021 年夏季,千百萬頃林木被焚毀,灰燼更首次吹到北極,氣候危機實不容忽視。

An extreme heatwave giving rise to huge wildfires brings a nightmare to the remote village Shologon in northeastern Siberia. Living at the fringes of ‘control zone,’ the inhabitants are left to their own fate when the flames approach, as the Russian authorities are not required to combat forest fires under a new law. To protect their homeland, the villagers join forces to battle against ‘the Dragon’ in the fire zone. In his visually powerful imagery shrouded in orange smoke, Abaturov lays out a clear vision about the devastating and irreversible effects of global warming. Best Cinematography, IDFA.


雅庫特語 Yakut




法國、瑞士 France, Switzerland