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法國電影的兩個50年 2x50 Years of French Cinema

51m 歷史的沉思 Historical Meditations 1995

電影百年,跟法國電影百年紀念主席米修柏哥里午敘,高達尖刻質問:有什麼好慶祝?為什麼歸功盧米埃兄弟而不是盧米埃爸爸?柏哥里回房反覆思慮,向酒店員工提及法國電影經典名字,他只識網球手碧加卻不知積葵貝克。一百周年不是自high的日子,玩字高質達人當頭棒喝, No Copy Right實解「不要因循搞作」。線性敘事梳理歷史的邏輯要摒棄,致敬是跳線接通先賢神髓,召喚電影文化幽靈破棺重生。他搜集電影前輩同輩深情話語,煉就出永續萬年的電影精神。

Ever the contrarian, Godard responded to the British Film Institute’s invitation to make a documentary about the centenary of French cinema by performing a Socratic dialogue with Michel Piccoli, cast here as the president of France’s official centenary celebrations. Challenging the festivities as penance for our society’s neglect of film history, Godard stresses the medium’s connection to the past, subject to personal and collective amnesia. The film highlights the spirit of film criticism as the essence of French film culture, from iconic figures André Bazin to archivist Henri Langlois. A perfect prelude to Historie(s) of Cinema


Jean-Luc Godard


法語 French




瑞士 Switzerland, 英國 UK, 法國 France