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動漫影后 The Congress (2013)

史丹尼士羅林的未來哲學 StanisLaw Lem The Futuristic Philosopher 2h 2m




In an alternate reality, actress Robin Wright is facing a slow career decline because of her age and her unreliable nature. When a movie studio offers to buy her likeness to create a digital version of her that will stay forever young in computer-created films, the new technology creates a future world where identity and reality become dangerously fluid. Inspired by Lem’s dystopian novel The Futurological Congress , this dizzying and formally bold hybrid of live-action and animation by the award-winning director of Waltz with Bashir envisions a futuristic world not too unlike our own, where fantasy offers a bleak escape from reality.

European Film Award: Best European Animated Feature Film

Cannes Film Festival: Directors’ Fortnight


英語, English


Chinese, English


以色列, 德國, 波蘭, Israel, Germany, Poland