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動地驚天革命過 Mr Landsbergis

4h 8m 作者風 Auteurs 2021

三十年前東歐變天,立陶宛亦走上脫離蘇聯的民主路。他們的抗爭和平而浪漫,手牽手,歌接歌,連成波羅的海之路,堪稱動地驚天革命過。自由從來得來不易,蘭德斯堡格斯身為當時獨立運動先驅,以八十八歲高齡,接受沙基羅斯尼薩(《史太林大國葬》,45 屆)深情訪問,回溯當年大事,到月旦時局變遷,何止見證時代,簡直上身演繹基進政治智慧。大量珍貴詳實歷史片段,固然展示何謂史料自行說話,當事人適當的畫龍點睛,更加添了紀錄及回顧的層次。

Following the success of previous works, Loznitsa (State Funeral_, 45th) continues his balanced and lucid chronicling of East European history with this captivating account of Lithuania’s peaceful separation from the Soviet Union. Drawing extensively from archive footage to recreate the “singing revolution”, this epic documentary zeroes in on the eponymous Vytautas Landsbergis, one of the founders of the independence movement. It was largely thanks to his patience, leadership and resolve under increasing pressure, that his compatriots were able to find a promising future of freedom and independence.


立陶宛語, Lithuanian




立陶宛, 荷蘭, 美國, Lithuania, The Netherlands, USA