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大軟禁 House Arrest

1h 46m 作者風 Auteurs 2021

小阿歷西謝曼(《大文豪的嚴冬》,42 屆)新作,一開始便註定是歌利亞準備虐殺大衛的處境。這位也叫大衛的失婚大學教授,在社交網絡平台批評威權市長貪污,換來被軟禁在家的困境。隨着傳媒關注,律師自願助他出庭抗辯,誰料人心難測,敵友難辨,加上無盡的監控,一直陪伴他的母親也不支倒下入院,一切都在磨蝕大衛的抗爭意志。然而他始終拒絕道歉和屈服。最後喜訊傳來,但那真是喜訊嗎?俄羅斯的政治現實在看似微不足道的個體人生中益發顯得沉重。

After calling out a corrupt mayor on social media, David, a respected professor, is accused of embezzlement and confined to his apartment. As his health fails, he is visited by family, doctors and lawyers, as well as intimidating officials, all eager to end his incarceration. German Jr.’s (Dovlatov, 42nd) smartly executed lockdown production illustrates how easily one man’s principles can be his undoing and one’s home can become a prison, as well as the lengths corrupt leaders will go to silence their critics.


俄語, Russian


English, 繁體中文


俄羅斯, Russia