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春原的牧童笛 Haruhara-san's Recorder

2h 1m 環球視野 Global Vision 2021

年輕的沙知辭掉美術館工作,到咖啡店打工,獨自搬到顧客介紹的小房子。儘管開始了新生活,她尚未走出失去所愛的陰霾,唯有每天保持微笑,療癒心底隱藏的悲傷。啟發自短歌《春原的牧笛》,刻意略去故事前因後果,集中捕捉人物日常瞬間,在平靜時光裏,慢慢浮現孤獨與人際關懷的主題。口罩是自我保護與隔絕內心的象徵,牧童笛聲打破低沉的氣氛。《偶然與想像》( 45 屆) 攝影師飯岡幸子掌鏡,纖細呈現疫症年代的壓抑與閉塞感,注入溫柔的女性能量。

A young woman moves into a new apartment and through her chance encounters with her guests, we gradually piece together the source of her sadness. A film about the mystic charm of seeing, listening, and feeling, Sugita Kyoshi’s third feature stages episodes through a minimalistic setting. Naturalistic, verité-style imagery from cinematographer Iioka Yukiko (Wheel of Fortune and Fantasy, 45th) captures a strong sense of “life” and “living”. Is life not like a loosely structured poem, whose beauty rests upon moments?


日語, Japanese


繁體中文, English


日本, Japan