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出貓大風暴 The Exam

1h 31m 環球視野 Global Vision 2021

妹妹考大學,婚姻不愉快的姊姊決心助其一臂,免她步自己後塵。身為庫爾德族婦女,在各式父權壓榨下舉步維艱,為求達到目的,不免蹈進重重腐敗兼且變態的建制陷阱。牽一髮而動全身,由家庭到社會,由宗教、倫理再到政治,根深柢固的問題終被連環引爆,考試作弊儼如勇闖鬼門關。蘇卡阿敏哥奇(《石頭不會忘記》,39 屆)以緩慢卻明亮的長鏡頭,捕捉可笑卻不離乾澀的戲劇性,每個人都遠比自己想像中更為懦怯。捷克卡羅維法利電影節國際影評人聯盟獎。

Against the terrifying backdrop of war, a young Kurdish-Iraqi woman risks her life to do whatever it takes to ensure her younger sister escapes a life of servitude and inequality. By helping Rojin pass her university entrance exams, Shilan hopes to secure a better future for her sibling in a country where a woman lives at the mercy of the men around her. In doing so, Shilan becomes embroiled in a web of crime and corruption, inevitably incurring the wrath of her controlling husband.


庫爾德語, Kurdish


繁體中文, English


庫爾德, 德國, 卡塔爾, Kurdistan, Germany, Qatar