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成人動畫精選 World Animation for Adults

1h 14m 超人氣動畫 Animation Unlimited

《心魔出沒注意》 (14分鐘)


《阿嫂請節哀》 (16分鐘)


《戀戀浮雲》 (14分鐘)


《合皮姊妹》 (15分鐘)


《情侶的奇幻漂流》 (15分鐘)


Amok (14min)

Haunted by the Evil Gnome, Clyde lost his fiancee and his good look in a freak accident. Reliving his memories through hypnotherapy, the masked superhero who seeks revenge must confront his inner demons disguised under the Santa Claus gnome. Best Short, Annecy.

Eeva (16min)

It’s a sad day in Eva’s life. The rain is pouring down at her husband’s funeral. A woodpecker delivered a message code on the coffin is killed. There is a lot of crying, too much wine, several woodpeckers and a couple of dreams that fill in the gaps.

Above the Clouds (14min)

When love comes to her, a young girl cannot help but run away. A rush of memories takes her on an imaginary journey, back to the hell of her first love experience. To embrace love again, she must untangle her confused mind and heart.

Skinned (15min)

In the middle of the swamp live two strange women, Siamese twins by one leg. Haunted by terrifying nightmares, the Skinned murders her sister, the Puffy, in an effort to survive. She is freed from her body, but not her ghost who continues to torment her nights…

Drijf (15min)

A naked couple are lost at sea on a small tree bark. Failing to find the dolphin nor to understand each other’s desires and boundaries, they must fight for their survival and the survival of their relationship through a bloody battle, before reaching the shore.