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一部參照電影 One P.M. (a.k.a. One Parallel Movie)

1h 30m 革命性實驗Revolutionary Experiments 1971

高達與《別回頭》(1967)導演彭尼貝克合作,製作名為《一部美國電影》的紀錄片,探討美國發生革命的可能性。他們走訪前黑豹黨成員、反戰學運領袖、迷幻搖滾樂隊等,高達認為美國會發生革命,地點就在加州。可惜後來他對影片的政治觀點漸感意興闌珊,最終放棄了計劃。其餘兩位導演將拍成的片段重新 剪輯,甚至加進高達的幕後製作片段,易名為 《一部參照電影》。成品跟高達原意相去甚 遠,且顯現高達對美國政治的愚昧,並且跟其 他製作人的理念分歧頗大。

Originally titled One A.M. (One American Movie), One P.M. is a rare and fascinating film with a clash of ideas and methods between two documentary filmmakers. The mutual admiration between Godard and Pennebaker led them to make this film about the possibility of revolution in the US. A series of interviews with political activists including Eldridge Cleaver, Tom Hayden, The Jefferson Airplane, were intercut with commentaries by Rip Torn. Godard eventually abandoned the film and the two American directors re assembled the rushes with their footage of Godard at work to reveal much more than Godard could have imagined.


Jean-Luc Godard


Richard Leacock


D.A. Pennebaker


英語 English


美國 USA