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阿巴斯陪你睇《報告》A Conversation on The Report

3h 5m 大師級 The Masters 2021

看《報告》意猶未盡?就由阿巴斯陪你睇多次,親自講解影片來龍去脈。導演曼 尼哈喜希得獎作《男人做嘢》(31 屆)意念來自基阿魯斯達米,今次索性請來 大師對談,以聲音導航,上一堂電影課。由如何鋪排人物出場,與演員及攝影師 的互動,談到身為導演的寂寞;解析場面調度,如何以小女孩的自然反應及來自 生活的對白令夫妻繃緊關係呈現實感,甚至娓娓道來對自殺的想像及看法,如是 衍生後來的《櫻桃的滋味》。一探《報告》,窺見大師功架如何鍊成。

Viewing Kiarostami’s lesser-known great film, accompanied by his own interpretation, is like sitting in on a filmmaking masterclass. Invited by Pig (42nd) director Mani Haghighi to go through The Report, the Iranian maestro details his working methods and approach to this deftly crafted, semiautobiographical domestic drama, while revealing the solitude of being a director, and his unparalleled views towards suicide, a concept later realised in Taste of Cherry. This candid, intimate conversation delving deep into Kiarostami’s craft provides remarkable insight on his artistry and worldview.


波斯語, Persian




伊朗, Iran